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Your Quick Guide to Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome
over 3 years ago


If you often experience pain and tenderness in your jaw, unexplainable ache surrounding your ear, difficulty when chewing and lock jaw, you might want to get your jaw checked because these symptoms are among the most common signs of Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome or what is commonly known as the TMJ Syndrome. Our jaw has a sliding hinge called the temporomandibular joint that connects our jawbone to out skull. This join is present both in out left and right jaw but there are instances where these joints gets damaged and that is when we get the TMJ Syndrome.


There are a lot of causes for TMJ syndrome and these include huge impact to your jawbone most especially if you have been in a fist fight or an accident. You can also get TMJ disorder if you force yourself to bite or chew hard food causing the misalignment of your jawbone since the temporomandibular joint which serves as a disc can slide or get damaged in such case. Get the best neck back and shoulder pain treatment or learn more on relieving ear pain tmj


If you suspect that your temporomandibular joint is damaged causing the disconnection of your jawbone and skull, you must have it checked immediately by a neuromuscular dentist as the symptoms can get worst over time. Many patients who have TMJ syndrome report that they experience severe pain and discomfort in some areas in their faces before they get proper treatment. TMJ syndrome also causes inability to chew and bite food without having a clicking sound or an irritable grating sensation.


If your TMJ syndrome is left untreated for a long period of time, it could worsen and lead to serious complications in the future which is something that you might not want to happen to you because it can negatively affect your appetite. Some of the most common effects of TMJ syndrome is unhealthy weight loss because patients who suffer from it develop loss of appetite and frequent pain in the areas around their jaw bone.


Although, there are certain factors that cause TMJ, it can also develop from rheumatoid arthritis as well as osteoarthritis, damage of connective tissues and jaw injury. If you have these problems and you also have reoccurring difficulty of opening your mouth, it is best that you immediately have yourself checked because the good thing about TMJ syndrome is that it can be cured after weeks or months of regular treatment.

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